November 29, 2009 

  Wecome to my new website. I was looking for a website for peopleto know and learn about me.Like Stephenie Meyer offical site. So enjoy my new website everyday. If you want to vist my blog go to If you want to email me, email me at Look at what I'm reading! It's really good. Soif the people I  told about my terrific trios webshow, I don't have a webshow anymore, if you want to know why or any questions go to my blog and post a comment, and I will write back to you.


   People say that I  look like Selena Gomez, I really don't. If I end up on Look -A- Like I'll blame the people that say I do. But I think It would be a good thing. If you want ot know my big dream in the world is going to California Hollywood. Because people say i'm such a good singer and acter, so in two more years I'll probably go. So tell your friends about this website. Emailme about what you think about this website.Mabe you should try to make a website. If you do just go to and join in. I convince my brother to do it, and he loved it! So you should try! Ok I got to go, I'll post some more later! :-)


  December 5, 2009

  I'm so glad that it is December!Now we have 20 days of Christmas! I know I am having a pink DSi, and a iPod! I alredy have my Christmas tree up, with some ordamints up. my dad put lights up in front of the house, and oh my gosh it looks bueatiful! My mom decorated the house with Christmas decorations. I feel so happy when I see christmas. Today is a weekend, I'm going to a great place today to see a huge Chritmas tree. The ordamints are big as a basket ball!  mabe today my Dad is going to get the DVD Twilight, because I never seen the movie before.But after I watch the movie , i'm going to watch the Movie New Moon tomorrow with my friend. I can't wait! I heard that the movie Eclipse is in June 30, 2010! I'm going to watch it in the Summer. I am such a huge fan of Twilight! Well that's all I have to say today! Have a great day! :-)


 December 6, 2009

  If anybody wants to see Ryan Voiselle on YouTube, go to watch the first video. It's preety  wierd. Anyway I have not seen New Moon yet! Hopefully next weekend. Well if you want to see my YouTube go to I put my favorite videos on their. It's cool, you should go on it someday.  My math teacher email me saying that I'm too kind, and I nailed the last test. SGR!!! I love it when he puts that on my test. Smart Girls Rule!! If you have any problems in your life email me, and I'll give you some advice. Well I got to go now to check my emails. See Ya!!!


 December 16,2009

  Today is a fun day for me! Because It's my last day of school for Christmas break! I'm wearing my Pj's to school, but I brought pants in my backpack just in case. I get cookies and hot chocolate! My princible is Auntie Claus, She reads a Christmas book to everyone. And today I'm doing World Celebrations! It's about in diffrent countries where people celebreate Christmas diffrently. I've watch New Moon online! It was awesome , so I don't have to go to the movies! I reallly can't wait until Christmas

because I have to get a pink DSi ! I have amazing drawings of twilight! Mabe someday I'll load them onto here, where you can see them, They are really good! Well GTG. Have a great Christmas!


December 25,2009

  Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a great Christmas. I got my DSi! It is awesome. I love my new things I have. Well I gotta go! Have a great day!


January 28,2010

I forgot to let you know happy New Years! But contact me if you need me. See ya soon! :-)


March 20,2010

 I need advice to  help me to ask a boy out.Or to make him ask me out because I really like this boy in my school. But ive been writing in my diary about it. But if you help  me i'll  do something nice for you. Just email meto tell me  what you got or give me a site that will have information on it. P.S. My Birthday is this month! March 31st!! so say happy birthday to me!


April 9,2010

 I had my haircut yesterday! It looks like Joan Jett from the movie The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. I love her style it's so cool. About the last post. My friend Rose zaped him and he asked me out I said yes, but the next week he dumped me. Who cares, I don't need him anyway he was a pimlpe head. Oh I love this new song in The Runaways It's "Cherry Bomb" It's cool you should listen to it on youtube. Talking about Youtube , go to my channel I put the runaways trailer onto my favorites. Well I'll post more soon. See ya!



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