November 29, 2009

   This is where you are going to learn about me. So enjoy!

  I'm 11 years old.I was born in Russia I was adopted in Russia, so my biological parents couldn't take care of me because in Russia they are really poor. I was born first. My brother Christian was adoupted to. He was 30 days close to being dead. So my parents decide to take him. I moved all the way to Jacksonville Florida to live. I'm glad I was in the Sunshine State so I can be warm. My dad started to build our new house. Witch is now 11 years old like I am. I had a big brother witch is 28 years old. One year later I was going to have a nephew. He had a big birth mark on his stomach. His name was Jason Micheal Pieri Jr because his father was also name Jason and he's a seinor. We call Jason Jr, JJ, everyone calls him that now. So we stick together for the rest of our lives.


  When I was 7 or 8 I never had a pet before. So My family goes to New York Buffalo for the summer. And one day my mom had to drive really far to see this lady. When we got their, there was three toy poodles! one was small,one was fat,and on was just right. The lady let us pick one dog. So we chose the right one. It was almost Christians birthday anyway. Christian and I dicide to name the puppy, so we named her Muffy! I was so happy to finally to have our own puppy to play with and to love. So when we got home and Muffy started to whimp and cry. So we got some food and toys for Muffy. It was the best summer with our new dog Muffy. When we got home to Jacksonville, JJ was surprised to see Muffy so he played with her for the rest of the day. Muffy was getting potty training. It was gross. So thats how I got my first puppy in my life.


   School wasn't my favorite thing to do when I was a little girl. I wasn't good at math,so I had to touring. Witch I hate. Sometimes I would skip touring witch It was bad for me. Ever since I was growing up I was still not good at math. In 4th Grade it was pretty bad for me because I had alot of struggles in classes, I was trying to pay atention but it still didn't make sense. I had friends trying to tourter me but it worked a little. But as they did it started to make sense. So now Im pretty good at math now. I've been getting good gradesnow. I'm proud of myself. So in the past when the teachers call on me I was quite. It was embarssing! I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't smart. Or I wouln't talk to anyone.  So I know my fraction percents, and multiplecatin facts, division and lots more. So my math teacher puts SGR(Smart Girls Rule!) I would always have a smileonmy face when I see that. My math teacher is a really funny teacher anyway.



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