November 28, 2009

  I've already read New Moon Twilight Saga.  It was a great book.This book was mostly about me bacause Edward left Bella and she is in deep depresion and this was in October.My boyfriend left me in october too! So now Bella visits her warewolf friend Jacob Black and he is the friend who will always be their for her. I have a friend name Jacob Williman who will be their for me to. So that is my life conection. So preety soon I'm going to watch New Moon in the movie theaters. This book only had 563 pages and I read it less than a week! Bellas chararter is just like me in thsi book. Bellas Dad Charlie is like my dad too. It's really starnge. So I hope you read this book. It's a really good book to read!


  Now I'm sinking my teeth into the III book Eclipse. This book is longer even the chapters. I got this book two days ago and I'm still not on my second chapter! I hope this book is going to be good. I want the twilight fans to read the Twilight series. I think Stephenie Meyer is a great author! If you want to visit her offical website, go to if you want to visit Edward and Bellas love website,go to I heard that Stephenie is making another book called Midnight Sun. And don't forget to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Ok I'll post more to tell you what the book Eclpise is about!:-)



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